Azendoo raises $1.5 Million to bring their Slack-like tool to marketing teams

Azendoo raises $1.5 Million to bring their Slack-like tool to marketing teams

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Bordeaux-based Azendoo announced they’d raised a $1.5 Million round of funding last week, building on top of what has been a winding road through the productivity tool landscape. The startup, which raised $1 Million initially to build their “get sh!t done” to-do list app, has grown to more than 300,000 users in the past 3 years. Its growth, which has been steadied but arguably stalled, is due in part to the rise of to-do list apps like Wunderlist (acquired by Microsoft earlier this year) & Slack (which is valued at $2.8 Billion after a $160 Million round of funding), both of which offer enticing freemium apps to improve inter-team communication & productivity.
Azendoo’s plethora of integrations with popular services like Evernote, Box, Dropbox, Google & Zapier have helped carve out use cases among their users, and Azendoo seems to be narrowing in on how it can help marketing departments – it currently has an unnamed number of teams from 80 different countries paying to use Azendoo.
With the new funding, Azendoo will seek to grow to 1 Million users, bolstered primarily off of its launch of Task Pilot earlier this year. Task Pilot integrates communication with Azendoo’s to-do list app, and seems to target small teams working on specific projects.
Though I used Azendoo in the past, Slack has become a primary tool for communication, with its lack of functionality being the most enticing feature (no distractions). As Azendoo looks to secure its position in the growing marketplace, it will be interesting to see if the enterprising communication department, once dominated by Hipchat, Yammer & others, will leave room this time for multiple players, or if, like many enterprise software spaces, the lion’s share will be consumed by one player.