It's that time of year again in Paris…

It's that time of year again in Paris…

The summer heat has finally come, just in time for the entirety of Paris’ economy to go on vacation. Or at least, that’s what we’re lead to believe. Now that July 15th has passed us by, the dredges of setting up meetings and pushing things forward become infinitely more complicated: your potential client assumes you’re on vacation, and even if you aren’t and they aren’t (which they aren’t), their N+1 or N+2 is, which means no decision can be made until they are back. This piggy-back and -forth of vacation usually lasts until September 1st, but here at the Rude Baguette, we say No Way, José.
Just like last summer, I’ll be sticking around all summer – and I’ll take meetings with anyone who’s around in the next 6 weeks. As a special bonus, I’ll be giving sneak previews of Omniscient – a communication platform for Journalists & their Sources – to anyone who’d like to get their hands on our private beta.
But more importantly, I want to learn what you’re working on. The summer conference season has died down, and the time is right for new awesome startups to start popping up in Paris: my favorite seed startups have graduated into growth stage, and there is space for the new ‘next awesome Paris startup.’
So, if you think you’re the next Keecker, Algolia, Blablacar or PeopleDoc, shoot me an email (here), give me a few dates/times when you’re free (Bonne Nouvelle/Sentier area, if possible) and let’s see what you’re working on!