Holimetrix raises €3.5 Million to quantify impact of TV advertising

Holimetrix raises €3.5 Million to quantify impact of TV advertising


We’ve become quite accustomed to knowing every step a user takes on the internet – every scroll, every hover, every second you spend can be measured by a website – and so it makes traditional advertisement like TV & Billboard ads particularly frustrating. On the one hand, we know that TV & Billboard advertisements are the best way to reach a large audience; however, justifying the budget required just to get started can be difficult. Enter Holimetrix.
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With their latest €3.5 Million fundraising, Holimetrix’s measurement tools, which help TV advertisers measure the impact of their ads, will get a huge boost. Holimetrix will be expanding the features it offers, such as helping plan future tv advertisements in order to optimize performance, and will expand into the UK & Germany, where it already has local clients using their product.
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In addition to their over 80 clients around Europe, Holimetrix has seen 300% growth year-over-year, working with advertisers like Qapa, Priceminister, Winamax, Famihero & Sarenza.
Digital Media is investing the TV landscape – whether it’s Shazam’s “Shazam this” feature for TV ads, or whether it’s YouTube’s now apparent larger audience than TV itself – and this is only just the beginning. We’ll be talking about how advertisers are chasing their audience on TV & Billboard at our new conference, AUDIENCE, taking place December 5th here in Paris.