Crossroad – the easiest way to gather your friends' pictures!

Crossroad – the easiest way to gather your friends' pictures!


“Yeah sure, I will send you the pictures today..”

How many times have you heard that phrase? My best friend graduated from college last year and I’m still waiting to receive the pictures from all my friends that were there ( you know who you are, I’m calling you out!). Crossroad will finally put an end to all these pictures-related problems! Launched in June 2015, Crossroad is brand new app, available on Android and iOS that enables you to gather every picture taken during a shared experience with your friends.

How does it work?

The application is fairly easy to use. Once logged in with Facebook, you can create a Crossbook (album) and invite friends to add their pictures or simply share your own. The best part? Yhomescreenkkkkou don’t have to wait to upload or download 100+ pictures, just keep the application running in the background and your pictures will be uploaded/downloaded while you are onto something else. At end of the process, all  the photos will be automatically synced on all your friends smartphones… meaning, whether you are at a party or at a business conference, you can always keep a timeline of what’s happening. Currently, the company is working on a PRO version designed specifically for events, that will help event managers to gather automatically all the pictures taken during the event by their attendees. A back-office will be available to enable event managers to moderate pictures, as well as features like an embedded photo album, to make it easier to add the crossbook on any website and a slideshow, to project pictures on a big screen during the event.
When asked Crossroad’s CEO and Co-founder, Mathieu Spiry,  how he came up with the idea, he told us: ” During my bachelor party, we took a lot of photos. But we didn’t receive all of them after the weekend was over. At the time, we didn’t find any well-established competitors. So we thought we should try to do something — something extremely easy, that everybody could use, that would be practical. And of course it makes sense because we all used our phones to take pictures”.
We will be using Crossroad for #ParisFounders. Come join us today at Université Paris Dauphine for France’s biggest networking event and help us keeping the best moments of the night, by adding your own pictures to our #ParisFounders Summer Edition Crossbook. If you can’t make it tonight and you are still curious to know what we are up to, click here and access the crossbook with all the pictures of the event and the backstage!