Catching up with YouLoveWords: How #ParisFounders helped them meet investors & clients

Catching up with YouLoveWords: How #ParisFounders helped them meet investors & clients

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The multiplication of channels of media diffusion coupled with the increase in competition obligates brands, media at large as well as creative industries to produce quality content at a faster rate than ever before. To fully respond to this issue Gregory Nicolaidis created, a first-of-its-kind content production platform.
YouLoveWords crowd-sourcing model is based around access to a qualified community of 20.000 international writers and talents(copywriters, journalists, scriptwriters, poets slammers, storytellers) and helps clients produce highly creative and SEO friendly content faster than ever.
The company won numerous awards and recently launched first successful operations with clients as SFR, Renault, Beats by Dre, My Little Paris, Flammarion, Universal, Danone, The Mayor of Paris, and is already recognized for its efficiency, creativity and positioning on the market.
With #ParisFounders coming up on July 7th, we’ve decided to reach out to Gregory Nicolaidis, CEO of YouLoveWords and Paris Founders’ alumnus, and learn more about the progress of his platform.

How did the idea of YouLoveWords come about?

We wanted to help Brands produce better content in a world saturated with messages. The idea was to create a platform connected to a network of talents  to facilitate scalability and better processes both on the clients but also on the writers side.

What has been the greatest challenge you’ve faced setting it up?

Starting from zero without having at the beginning any associate. We are now 10  with 20 business angels.

How did you manage to get the users of WeLoveWords to start using also YouLoveWords?

Pretty easily actually. Once we opened YouLoveWords to them they were really enthusiastic to see that we were helping them find new customers, build new models.

What trends are you witnessing in content creation?

Native advertising is sometimes criticized in France but will be huge soon, ROI content is the future, each content has to be produced in order to then be tracked and analyzed to answer clients problematic.

What’s your long term vision for YouLoveWords ?

We will become THE multilingual solution for brands and agencies that want to easily, rapidly create on demand premium content.

What happened to YouLoveWords following your pitch at Paris Founders Event?

After the event YouLoveWords met several VCs and is still talking with some of them for a potential investment. Business is looking good , the company signed lots of contracts with CAC 40 companies.

How did Paris Founders help you?

Paris Founders was also very interesting for us because it helped us meet creative people, we just hired one of them to launch the english version of our website.
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