The "Unified Customer Journey" to define JahiaOne 2015 user conference

The "Unified Customer Journey" to define JahiaOne 2015 user conference

This year is the second edition of Jahia’s JahiaOne user conference which will take place next week, 10-12 June (pre-conference on the 10th  and full conference 11-12th). The enterprise digital transformation, which is the principal driver of Jahia’s strategy and solutions, will again be the central theme at this year’s event. However, Jahia will reveal their vision on how this transformation will come to pass, namely through the “Unified Customer Journey”.
From Jahia’s perspective and experience, there are two main things customers now expect when interacting online with a brand or organization : to be recognized as the unique person they are (linking up of their actions/behaviors on and offline, ability to access their information as needed, etc) and to be entitled to and able to control their data privacy. Jahia’s vision is that the Unified Customer Journey will allow companies to address these two critical customer expectations. Jahia’s two initiatives, which underpin their Unified Customer Journey vision and will be revealed next week at JahiaOne 2015, include:

  • Marketing Factory, the new digital marketing personalization and optimization engine allowing digital marketing teams to collect, analyze and adapt to their digitalcustomers expectations and behaviour
  • The Ethical WEM, to help address web privacy issues in a 360°-with-privacy view of online customers.

In addition, JahiaOne 2015 will offer 12 workshops / talks on how to deliver a Unified Customer Journey, 10 tech focused sessions around the theme of “Under the hood” of the Unified Customer Journey, and 7 customer testimonials from the likes of Europcar, Groupe Covéa, Smile, and the National Governors Association.
If you’re in the enterprise/corporate space or have customers who are, this should definitely be one of your must-attend events.  If you’d like to attend, you can register here with the code J1RudeBaguette2015 and get a 50% discount on your ticket!