Sensorwake's olfactory alarm clock smells success on Kickstarter

Sensorwake's olfactory alarm clock smells success on Kickstarter

Launched by the 18 year-old Guillaume Rolland, SensorWake calls itself the world’s first olfactory alarm clock, “Invented to make your mornings happy.”
The product doubled its 50,000€ goal in less than a week, making it the most successful hardware project launched in last week’s big Kickstarter France launch. The project has been launched by Guillaume Rolland, who has already made a name for himself in the tech community.
Sensorwake is powered by Rolland’s research that he did into smell, which shows that smell not only wakes you up, but it will work in under 2 minutes (as tested on 100 people, 99% of whom woke up in the time frame).

In the campaign, Sensorwake offers a variety of scents-packs: Continental breakfast (Espresso and Hot Croissant), Vitalization Aromatherapy (Stimulating Ginger and Invigorating Pepper Mint) as well as others. Each capsule lasts contains 60 charges, with diffusion and dosing optimized to provide just enough odor to wake you up
I’m not the only one who’s a bit skeptic on the product idea – I currently use a lamp which simulates the sunrise in order to wake up – however, given that I’m using light, I wouldn’t be too surprised to find that odor works just as well. The campaign has already seduced 1,000+ backers, so there may be a market for the product. At the very least, Guillaume’s only 18 years old as he builds his product, so even if Sensorwake isn’t the future of the alarm clock industry, he’s got plenty of time to improve, learn, and innovate.