LINE Stickers still are a thing

LINE Stickers still are a thing

Although there are not many of us in Western Europe who use LINE as their primary messaging app (outside of Spain, where LINE penetration is remarkable), the multi-purpose platform that is LINE continues to entertain and stimulate creative new use cases around the world, like being coupled with Instagram to drive e-commerce in Thailand.

I still launch my LINE app on a daily basis and even impose its usage onto many of my business partners. I also remain a big fan of the LINE stickers, especially since the company opened up its platform last year to third party sticker designers.

Well, it looks like LINE’s Creators Market has been a rousing success and shows no sign of slowing down. Here’s an infographic that tells the story of the staggering growth of this clever idea (credit to my former intern Junjie Peng for the graphic work!). The question is: when will talented French artists start creating for the LINE platform?