Real-time recommendation app Wingit raises €2.2 M to ramp up to 100+ cities

Real-time recommendation app Wingit raises €2.2 M to ramp up to 100+ cities


Geosocial, real-time recommendation app Wingit announced late last week that they’ve raised €2.2 million via numerous investors including Rhone-Alpes creation, 3 family offices, and 3 angel investor clubs, bringing the total they’ve raised thus far to €3 million.
As its name suggests Wingit, which was founded in 2012 by Alban Sayag, addresses the always posed ‘well, what do we do now’ question that arises from spontaneous meetups between friends. Utilizing geolocalization to focus only on current happenings (events, ticket deals, etc) nearby the user(s) and mining the endless information posted across various social media sources, Wingit delivers relevant and compelling real-time recommendations for users. It also loops in other critical, last-minute information for users, including the ability to reserve a Uber and will soon integrate functionality to make restaurant reservations, meet up with others, and book hotel rooms.
Wingit are certainly not alone in this space, but they have grown steadily and now already active across 4 cities – Paris, New York, London, and Tel Aviv. They plan to leverage this investment to speed up their launch into 50 new cities by year’s end, with an ultimate goal of being present in 100 cities globally. To execute against their plan, they’re looking to grow their team in the short-term to 10, with 2 new developers and a head of user acquisition and retention coming on-board in the coming months.