With #ParisFounders back on July 7th, meet our last 4 demo alumni!

With #ParisFounders back on July 7th, meet our last 4 demo alumni!

On April 29th, 400 startups lovers, co-founders, investors and journalists gathered at Université Paris Dauphine to witness the launch of 4 products Rude Baguette selected as the most interesting of Spring 2015. Paris Founder Event is, indeed, the best occasion to launch your product, discover new ones and get the chance to catch up with best exponents of the French startup scene.
Here is a list of the startups protagonists of Paris Founders Spring Edition:
Cocolico is the first premium brand offering to each store the freedom to be part of the designing process in order to produce a collection that perfectly fits its customer expectations. The children wear market presents little differentiation. Don’t most children clothes look the alike? With Cocolico‘s clothes configuration web platform, retailers can design a truly unique collection adapted to the tastes of their local customers, enabling them to differentiate from their competitors.

Footbar debuted Meteor, a fitness tracker designed for footballers and approved in competition. The device is used to evaluate physical performance and to enrich your Footbar profile. Footbar.fr is powered by a tailored algorithm, which indexes over 20,000 games weekly and uses the results to analyse team and individual player performance. Meteor, instead, placed around the calf of a player, gathers physical data such as speed, shot strength, etc. in the most accurate way possible. When used together, Footbar.fr and Meteor give a comprehensive analysis of a players’ performance in official competition and practice.


A l’Ancienne delivers fresh food, directly from the farmers to your door.  In a world where it is getting more and more difficult and time-consuming to find good, fresh, healthy and local food in the city, A l’Ancienne, offers an alternative way to provide nourishing, tasteful, local food in a quick and easy way. By ordering on the website, your bundle of seasonal and local food will be delivered to your door in less than 24 hours. Did I mention that the products are always harvested on the day of delivery?
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QIsZMxjm3I&w=560&h=315]
Mr Gabriel is the first personal safety application designed for the Apple Watch. Targeting people living in urban areas, Mr. Gabriel needs just one touch on your Apple Watch to call for help. A Text including your location will be directly sent to your predefined contacts, your “Angels”. Furthermore, you can set the application in the mode « run » or « walk with me ». In these modes, Mr Gabriel will analyze the data from your Apple Watch and Iphone’s sensor and check on you, asking you whether you are ok. In the absence of reply or of a negative answer, Mr. Gabriel will send a text message to your Angels asking for help.
In between demoes, great speakers took the stage to share their experience and discuss the FrenchTech ecosystem. We had the pleasure to talk with Marie Ekeland ( Venture Capitalist), Didier Rappaport ( happn CEO and Founder ), Thomas Pasquet (Ogury Co-Founder), Quentin Sannié ( Devialet CEO and Co-Founder), Caroline Lamaud ( Anaxago Co-Founder), Leticia Romero-Burker ( BNP Paribas Innovation Manager), Jerome Traisnel ( Slimpay CEO), Erik Van Rompay ( PNO Consultants General Director), Didier Seillier ( D-Incubator Deputy Director), Beawarn (Orange Fab France Startup and Thibauld Favre ( Allmyapps CEO).
The panels were followed by networking with our official Sponsors, Orange & Orange Fab France, BNP Paribas, Github, Slimpay, and product showcase by Mailjet.
The Summer Edition will take place on July 7th at Université Paris Dauphine. Grab your ticket now!