Introducing ILY – Slack for families

Introducing ILY – Slack for families

Are families ready for their own platform? Insensi thinks so. Founder Ilan Abehassera (previously founder of Producteev, which sold to Jive Software in 2012) revealed what Insensi has been so quietly working on for the past year: ILY. ILY is a device, but it’s also a platform for families. It’s part Path, part Skype, part smartphone, and all about keeping families in touch.
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Like previous iterations in the ‘family-friendly device’ category, ILY gives families (specifically children) the advantage of being connected to their members, but makes sure children don’t have unlimited access to the Internet (sorry kids, no 4Chan for you).
Having previously seen many iterations on this topic, I must say that I’m left a little underwhelmed; although, given how Slack has managed to innovate on top of the beaten-to-death “inter-team communication” concept, perhaps ILY will be able to innovate on the inter-family communications. Will it be all about sleek integrations and a minimalist interface? Probably not, if Grandma is going to use it; however, having a product for children to call their Aunt as seamlessly as launching birds from slingshots could have a big impact on Family connection.