Challengers, the Barcelona-based 'unconference' kicks-off on 17-18th June!

Challengers, the Barcelona-based 'unconference' kicks-off on 17-18th June!

This year is the second year of Challengers, the Barcelona-based ‘unconference’ which seeks to redefine the tech conference experience. Co-founded by Kayvan Nikjou, who built up his conference organization bonafides working on Helsinki-based, mega-conference SLUSH, and Alex Andreu, with Challengers they are looking to create a more free-flowing, non-conventional, ‘unconference’ type of experience.  Each year, Challengers partners with Sonar, one of Europe’s biggest music festivals, which kicks-off just after Challengers wraps-up.
Challengers will be structured around four, high-growth verticals – Commerce, Entertainment, Transportation, and Security. Each vertical will have one main Chat Clash, essentially a debate with two opposing opinions, one Keynote and additional debate about 8-10 subcategories where startups debate with established organisations. One big thing that sets Challengers apart from other conferences is that it is ‘closed door’. This doesn’t mean that it’s unnecessarily exclusive, but rather creates an environment where participants can speak freely and honestly;  meaning – no video streaming, egalitarian networking – no VIP zones, and ‘Chatam House Rules’, namely sources will be concealed so as to encourage honest and open debate.
Fun is also top of the agenda, with an incredible setting for the event and the 2 after parties around the Palau de Congresos in Barcelona, a Startup tournament, throwable mics, and Sonar, one of Europe’s biggest music festivals and now a partner event which takes place just after Challengers wraps-up.
If you’d like to attend Challengers, you can get 25%-off on tickets here with code RUDE_BAGUETTE and 30%-off demo space, if that’s of interest, here with code CLOVESRB. Interested in volunteering? Sign-up here.