Augure acquires #ParisFounders alumnus Wisemetrics for their social media analytics software

Augure acquires #ParisFounders alumnus Wisemetrics for their social media analytics software
Three months after raising €15 Million, Augure has acquired social analytics startup Wisemetrics, a #ParisFounders demo alumni who attended Warner’s media incubator in Los Angeles last year. Augure, most well known for its Influencer Engagement software, is in the process of pushing in the US market, and the reach and network, as well as the technology behind Wisemetrics, should enable them to continue the high-paced growth they’ve seen in recent years.

The Facts: Augure’s growth & history

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Only three years old, Wisemetrics first popped up on Rude Baguette’s radar when they launched their service at Paris Founders Event. After a successful launch in January, the company quickly was accepted into the Warner Bro’s Media Camp, an incubator in Los Angeles dedicated to technology in the digital media space.

“ We were approached by several companies, some of them from the US, but it’s Augure project which ultimately attracted us the most. Contact with the team has worked right away, and we are confident that our technologies can quickly add value to the thousands of communicating and marketing professionals who are using Augure. We are very excited to be taking part in this ambitious development project, both in Europe and across the Atlantic ” – Stephane Allard, CEO & Co-Founder of Wisemetrics

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“We are excited to welcome Wisemetrics team into Augure. Their expertise and the technology they have developed will enable us to give greater meaning to billions of data we are collecting every day on the interactions among influencers, brands and their audiences. For our customers, this means a huge step forward in their mission to provide the right content to the right people at the right time ” – Michael Jais, CEO & Founder of Augure

Augure isn’t exactly a new company; however, the advent of social media and it prevelance among influencers as a way of communicating to their network has made Augure’s expertise even more necessary, resulting in the newfound growth and ambition that we’ve seen in the past 7 years.

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