iAdvize acquires Bringr, integrating social and customer engagement

iAdvize acquires Bringr, integrating social and customer engagement

Leading customer engagement platform, Nantes-based iAdvize, announced today that they’ve scooped up social media publishing and monitoring tool Bringr for 700k euros.  After rounding out the various ways companies can communicate and engage with customers by integrating “click to community”, community chat functionality earlier this year, adding-in Bringr will enable iAdvize to offer a more comprehensive solution for customer engagement.
iAdvize enables companies and brands to engage with the “right person, in the right place, at the right time” as a result of behavioral targeting. As social media is increasingly becoming the preferred way of interacting and communicating by many, the lack of a social element to their platform left a real gap in their service. Now with Bringr they’ll be able to better deliver on the ‘right place’ promise, in real-time via an integrated platform. Bringr also adds the capacity to analyze the impact of social media interactions on sales thanks to their approach which draws on more than 150 performance indicators.
iadvize_bringr1-361701In commenting on the acquisition, iAdvize CEO and co-founder Julien Hervouët adds:
“We acquired Bringr so that we could quickly integrate the monitoring of social media within our solution and provide the European market with a global real-time customer engagement platform.”
While Bringr CEO and co-founder underscores his enthusiasm for joining the iAdvize fold, adding:
“We are really excited about joining the iAdvize team and combining these two solutions. Until now, iAdvize enabled businesses to engage with website visitors. Now, with the integration of our tools and skills, our clients will be able to listen to the right conversations on social media, detect and target potential customers in order to engage with them wherever they decide. This, in turn, will improve performance in terms of sales and customer satisfaction”
iAdvize has achieved an impressive level of success thus far having posted 4.5 million in revenues in 2014, which they expect to grow to 7 million this year. Both companies have a strong foothold in France with Bringr counting BNP Paribas, Alstom and the Ile-de-France region as customers and while iAdvize has brought RueduCommerce, Darty, Pole Emploi and Fnac.com on-board. Although they already have a client base of 1k companies across Europe, the next big step, however, will be pushing even harder on expanding iAdvize’s international presence.