WeLoveWords Launches YouLoveWords, a New Content Production Platform

WeLoveWords Launches YouLoveWords, a New Content Production Platform

YouLoveWords typewriterWeLoveWords, a Parisian company created in 2009 by Gregory Nicolaidis announced on March 26th the launch of YouLoveWords.com, its multilingual platform of premium production content at the service of enterprises, agencies, and creative industries and medias. You may remember WeLoveWords if you were at the Winter Edition of Paris Founders Event, where they previewed their new website. (Don’t miss the Spring Edition of Paris Founders Event in April!)
WeLoveWords reports that content production, content marketing, has become the number one priority of marketers (30%), very high above big data (14.6%), mobile marketing (11%), and even social media marketing (8.9%) (Source smart insights).

A connected and qualified network of 20,000 authors and editors 

More than just calling freelancers or contributors scattered around and often confined to one given expertise, YouLoveWords offers its clients  its interface connected to its growing network of over 20,000 talented storytellers, contributors, designers, journalists, twitter celebrities, writers, and even slammers, to produce its content: blogs, articles, web pages, social media content, native ads, brand names, white pages, and creative content and concepts.
YouLoveWords tests and selects for each client the most relevant, creative, and reactive contributors in order to help them better present their offers, gain brand recognition, and optimize their natural web listing.

An innovative production platform

YouLoveWords says that it responds to the timely needs of its clients but it specializes in accompanying them over the long term and that of recurring content to add great value.
A content strategy, says YouLoveWords, will never be as efficient as one which is constructed during the time of briefs and a calendar of precise publication. YouLoveWords has thus developed a private interface that allows project leaders and directors, as well as marketing directors and other digital content managers to navigate a pool of contributors in a few clicks, and to catch their content in a very short time. They can also delegate to YouLoveWords the management of their contributors for a full service benefit with the purchase of content individually or by subscription.