¡Quiero hacer autostop! Blablacar now available in Mexico

¡Quiero hacer autostop! Blablacar now available in Mexico


European ridesharing platform Blablacar is now available in its 19th market, Mexico, the company announced today. Its first American market, Mexico is the platform’s latest venture into emerging markets, after having successfuly spread its French-native platform across Europe over the last few years.
As the startup mentioned during their $100 Million fundraising last year, launching in Russia & Ukraine in the beginning of 2014 was a big turning point for the company, realizing that their service was not only for European backbackers & commuters, but could be used in emerging markets with longer distances to cover. Now available across most of Eastern Europe and in India, Mexico will be yet another step to covering markets that lack the infrastructure to support its citizens’ mobility across the giant country.
Earlier this month, Blablacar announced the acquisition of their largest competitor, the Germany-based Carpooling.com