Groupe Cerise draws 36 million visits to their sites in March

Groupe Cerise draws 36 million visits to their sites in March

Groupe Cerise is a rising leader in digital media in France. Their top online properties, including GENTSIDE top site focusing on men and OHMYMAG targeting women, draw millions of visitors and stream 50 million videos each month.  They strive to deliver highly relevant and visual curated content, giving readers a more distinctive media experience. Rounding out the group, they also have services oriented to brands including a brand agency called KIOSK and a brand publishing platform called SHARD.
They continue to move up the rankings of the top online media groups in France, rising to the number 11 spot last month upon drawing 36 million visitors to their sites.  This puts them ahead of other media groups such as Les Echos, Meltygroup, and Groupe SudOuest online in France.
In speaking about their latest success, Cofounder and Director General Denis Marchant adds,
“With approximately 36 million visits during March, Groupe Cerise confirms its status as a major entertainment media group in France and the first pure-player in the ranking.”

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