Scality, at the cutting edge of the data storage industry

Scality, at the cutting edge of the data storage industry

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“We, at Scality, are providing a cutting-edge, software-defined data storage technology, now used by many market-leading companies in the US, Europe and Japan. We are currently partnering with major server and storage vendors to extend our market share.”
Founded in 2009 and led by French entrepreneur Jerome Lecat, Scality has emerged as one of the top examples on how to successfully and effectively scale a startup. Based in San Francisco, but with Paris as their European hub, Scality is quickly establishing itself as a leader in solving scality 2the formidable challenges arising from vast data storage.
Their flagship software called ‘The RING‘ is a software-based storage that is built to scale to petabytes with performance. As the RING is a software-based storage completely decoupled from hardware, this provides customers with tremendous flexibility, giving them the ability to choose among a wider range of server types, including the possibility of utilizing those they already have. This, ultimately, enables companies to put in place an open architecture storage system, rendering their businesses more agile, efficient and competitive. The RING has been a big success, delivering billions of files to two hundred million users daily with 100% availability and is now used by several big name clients including RTL Interactive, SFR, dailymotion (as we wrote about recently), DLR, the Los Alamos National Lab and Comcast.
In addition to growing their client base, Scality is also expanding around the world, having recently opening offices in Singapore and Japan.
Work hard, play hard, eat well and amaze the customer!
In order to keep pace with their break-neck growth and continue to deliver the best service possible to their customers, the Scality team intend to double the size of their R&D team in Paris this year.  In addition to finding top talent in terms of skills and experience, they’re also looking for candidates that are an excellent fit with the Scality culture, described perfectly by their motto “work hard, play hard, eat well and amaze the customer!”’
Scality will be joining us again this year as an Official Sponsor of our Paris Startup Job Fair coming up this Saturday, March 28th.  If you’d like be to be a part of Scality’s mission to fundamentally reinvent how the data storage industry works, make sure to come out and meet them at the Job Fair this coming Saturday!