After Kickstarter success, 3D Sound Labs raises €1.1 million for 'Neoh'

After Kickstarter success, 3D Sound Labs raises €1.1 million for  'Neoh'

The big launch of their 3D surround-sound headphone Neoh at this year’s CES, was just the beginning of a string of success for 3D Sound Labs.  First came their captivating pitch at our Paris Founders Event in January.  Next came their Kickstarter campaign which turned out to be a roaring success for the 3D Sound Labs team. Hitting their goal in just a few days, they ended up surpassing their $80k target by over 50%, ultimately raising $125k to support the roll-out of Neoh. Capping a very fruitful few months for the 1 year-old startup, they just announced that they’ve closed a €1.1 million round with iSource (via le fund FNA Angel Source) and a network of business angels.
Given the reception Neoh has received thus far, it’s evident that the 3D Sound Labs team is on to something big.  While there have been many connected headphones, they’re seeking to disrupt the audio market in general with the first wearable home theater system. As mentioned previously, Neoh, in conjunction with their intuitive mobile app ‘Neoh play’, offers a listening experience that is truly 3D as sound moves with you as you move.  
This first fundraising round will enable the team to take Neoh around the world as underscored by Xavier Bonjour, CEO of 3D Sound Labs:  “This funding will allow us to accelerate our development in France and internationally. Our Kickstarter campaign enabled us to discover the public’s excitement for Neoh. Now we’re moving in to a new phase and are delighted about the trust our (financing) partners have in us.”
Neoh is made in France, will be launched in June with pricing starting at 299 euros and will be available to buy on-line and in stores around France.  Neoh will soon be be available for pre-order here.