Azalead raises €2 Million & becomes Criteo's B2B-retargeting counterpart

Azalead raises €2 Million & becomes Criteo's B2B-retargeting counterpart

B2B marketing automation firm Azalead Software has raised a €2 Million Series A led by Aurinvest, the startup announced today. Azalead’a platform allows enterprise websites to track site visitors and, using a combination of IP tracking and an existing database, identify immediately the company that visited your website. 

Previously, the productif provided real-time notifications to account managers about Website visitors in order to notify them when a current prospection, for example, had visited your site to size you up – reacting at that exact moment is the best way to get deals closed while its fresh in their mind. 

Now, however, Azalead is plugging into Ad Exchanges, meaning that you can push ads directly to potential clients and activate new campaigns automatically when they visit your website. Think of it as Criteo for B2B.

I got to check out Azalead’s software late last year and was impressed with the technology, but not necessarily with the application – it was a glorified Google Analytics for Enterprise. However, now they are going one step further and plugging your inbound traffic directly into your outbound paid acquisition traffic, removing the segmentation entirely. 

Azalead is currently part of Microsoft France’s acceleration program. Their fundraising was advised by Ader Finance.