The Hierarchy of VC Bloggers (just for fun)

The Hierarchy of VC Bloggers (just for fun)

Nic Brisbourne, veteran VC and Founder of Forward Partners, posits that everyone should be a writer. It’s not difficult to understand such a sweeping assertion coming from a writer of Nic’s calibre. I largely agree, not necessarily for everyone, but that most people purporting to work around innovation should look for some way to regularly air their ideas and open themselves up for feedback. Blogging is one good way to accomplish this, and I enthusiastically pester my portfolio companies to blog regularly. Read Nic’s post for some good tips on effective writing.

Blogging allows entrepreneurs to crystallize their ideas in their minds and subsequently beta-test them with readers. Regularly and transparently sharing thoughts builds credibility and establishes legitimacy in a given domain. It can also serve as a long-term recruiting tool, by crafting a narrative that over time can persuade talented people to join them in their entrepreneurial adventure, as I explained in this piece two years ago.

By the same rationale, I believe VCs should publish in some form too, which is why I try to maintain a weekly cadence of posting something insightful.

Of course, like any effective channel, blogging is not immune from excess zeal. A U.S. VC friend of mine suggested that there seem to be more ‘preachers‘ than ‘practitioners‘ blogging about VC in Silicon Valley these days. This friend has a penchant for acerbic wit, so he sketched out for me the current blogging dynamic in his view. I haven’t decided whether this really applies to Europe but thought I would share for entertainment (oh and for the record, you’re without a doubt in the top segment of the pyramid, Nic !):