Introducing the European FinTech RUDEscape

Introducing the European FinTech RUDEscape

Wow, the appetite for FinTech in Europe is booming, with VC funding reaching dizzying heights.

It’s not just Europe, by the way. A recent visit to Bangkok confirmed that even in the emerging startup ecosystem of Thailand, FinTech is hotter than a spicy som tam salad (more on that later).

With the entire sector representing a market in the hundreds of billions of euros, it’s not hard to grasp the investment appeal. In order to bring a bit of method to the madness, here’s an infographic I produced based on research handily performed by my trusty intern (props to J.Peng!). Let’s call this the RUDEscape of FinTech companies in Europe.

[By way of full disclosure, Truffle Capital is an active investor in the FinTech space; however, I am not personally involved and hence cannot claim any credit. The brain behind Truffle’s FinTech portfolio is Cofounder and Managing Director Bernard-Louis Roques, who has financed or incubated four such investments in the space to date: Paytop, Smile&Pay,, and Wizypay. Here’s an interview in which Bernard-Louis lays out his vision for FinTech.]

And now introducing the European FinTech RUDEscape: