Prynt's Polaroid Plugin Case for smartphone Propels past $500K on KickStarter

Prynt's Polaroid Plugin Case for smartphone Propels past $500K on KickStarter

Turn your boring old iPhone 6 into a retro 1980’s polaroid-esque camera? Yes, please! This is certainly the cry that the guys at Prynt are answering, with their Kickstarter campaign, launched last week, already well beyond its official campaign goal and up above $500,000 at the moment of publishing.
Prynt, founded by Clement Perrot & David Zhang, have split their time in the last 12 months between Paris, where the founders are from, UC Berkley, where they founders were studying when they began working on Prynt, and Shenzhen, where the startup spent 3 months in the Haxlr8r accelerator program.
The product got great reviews at the Haxlr8r demo day – Rude Baguette readers were lucky enough to get a pre-Demo Day preview when Clement Perrot showed off Prynt at last October’s Fall Edition of #ParisFounders, although the finished product is much more beautiful.
Paris Founders Event October 2014 - Image by Dan Taylor -
As a product, the Prynt case offers some pretty magical functionality. The same case is currently compatible with 4 different phones – iPhone 5 & 6, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 – and Perrot says that team will work to make the case compatible with more phone sizes as the campaign grows. Prynt got quite a lot of attention at CES, and has been steadily building up its community of pre-Kickstarter fans, leveraging every opportunity to convert potential buyers into, well, pre-order buyers.
The campaign continues to grow at around $50K per day – while the team is excited with the success, I’m sure rolling over the $1 Million mark in the next 2 weeks will be much more satisfying.
Prynt are among the many hardware startups who have joined the Hardware Club, a private community for hardware founders, run by Barbara Belvisi and Alexis Houssou – the club includes founders from Narrative, Giroptic, Aedle, Lima, Keecker, Panono, Pilo, SevenHugs, 3DSoundLabs & more.