PK's Smartphone Swiss Army Knife charges, syncs & stores

PK's Smartphone Swiss Army Knife charges, syncs & stores

Whether out of battery, out of disk space, or need to sync your phone, Paris-based PK has got a solution for you. The Paris-based startup, which is revisiting USB Keys with a French touch, has already put out a variety of USB key products, including the world’s smallest USB Key (K1), a Belt clip USB Key (K’lip) and a USB Key Ring (K’Ring); however, their most recent invention, the K’i Sauve, which launched a crowdfunding campaign this week, looks to bring the best of all of their products together into one product.
It’s the size of those GPS trackers that have been so popular in 2014, it works for either iOS or Android, and a tiny LED interface allows you toggle its function – from a storage device to a battery to a syncing device. You can attach it to your Car Key ring, insuring that even when you forget your actual charger, you’ll have it on you.
Personally, I’m a big fan of PK. They are touching a market that has long since become a commodity – storage, and especially, USB storage keys – and they are bringing the same level of fashion and luxury that we’re seeing from Apple.
One of the more interesting features allows users to view media stored on the device via a mobile application, meaning you can bring your favorite TV series with you on the plane and change it between computers as the batteries die (people who take the Paris–> San Francisco direct flight know what I’m talking about).