French hardware campaigns aren't waiting for Kickstarter to launch in France

French hardware campaigns aren't waiting for Kickstarter to launch in France

1420863678_IMG_9123-600x335Rumors circled this week that Kickstarter would be launching in France, meaning that crowdfunding projects based in France can now… well, come from France. Kickstarter has since denied these rumors.
Previously, European companies were encouraged to use the British website, requiring the currency to be in pound sterlin(£) – alternatively, many French companies opted to open up a Delware corp in order to appear on the US site, which came with the advantage of the $USD, as well as a perceived sense of increased visibility.

Among the larger campaigns on Kickstarter so far have been Lima, Hexo+, Giroptic & currently Prynt; however, campaigns like iSKN have also had success fundraising following their successful campaign, providing investors in France a benchmark for easily evaluating hardware investments.
While the stigma remains as to whether France-based campaigns (in French or in English, as seen in the current active campaigns) receive as much visibility & “PR” from Kickstarter (promotion in Kickstarter’s email newsletter, as well as visibility on the homepage), Kickstarter’s rumored advancement into France marks an increased interest in the market.
Here are some other great campaigns:

Update: a previous version of the article stated that Kickstarter had arrived in France. These rumors have been confirmed to be false, according to Kickstarter’s Justin Kazmark.