Is Hardware really an appropriate Valentine's Day gift?

Is Hardware really an appropriate Valentine's Day gift?

This past weekend was Valentine’s Day. In Paris, like most parts of the world, this means menus for 2 that cost the same as a normal dinner for 8 – we opted for a burrito and a beer from the best Mexican Food in Paris. However, all this past week, and especially this weekend, I was bombarded with advertisements for… Connected Hardware?

Nest apparently thinks nothing says romance like a new Thermostat

“Honey, Will you Check the Air Quality with Me?”

Nothing says “I love you” like “I think you could use some fitness equipment”

Interesting Tidbit: the aforementioned Mexican Food is located right where Parrot shot this Vine
I understand that there is no reason too small for a marketing campaign; however, I’m not sure that every occasion should be a “Buy” call-to-action. I’d be curious to know whether these campaigns produced results, whether there was a steady uptick in Parrot Sumo’s sold leading up to February 14th.
Me, I prefer to do what any reasonable guy would do on Valentine’s Day: eat a Burrito with my #1 Chica.