Accengage's first push notification benchmark reveals big differences between Android and iOS users

Accengage's first push notification benchmark reveals big differences between Android and iOS users

Accengage, the European leader in push notification technologies for mobile apps, just released the first ever push notification benchmark infographic, examining different behaviours between Android and iOS mobile users. The benchmark is targeted to marketers to help them gauge the performance of their push notification campaigns in terms of opt-in and reaction rates. Accengage also offer them 8 tips on how to improve their improve their push notification efficiency. Accengage analyzed the performance metrics of thousands of its customers’ push notification campaigns from January to December 2014, ultimately totaling 5 billion push notifications sent to 150 million app users worldwide through apps across 12 industries, including such sectors as e-commerce, media, travel, and retail.
They first gathered some basic info on mobile users, finding that smartphone owners spend 2hours and 42 minutes each day on their mobiles and most of that time, approximately 86% in total, is dedicated to apps rather than the mobile web. Interestingly, the benchmark also revealed some stark differences between Android and iOS mobile users, namely:

  • 100% of Android users automatically opt-in to push notifications when they download an app, versus only 46% of iOS users who manually accept to receive them when prompted,
  • Opt-in rates vary substantially by sector with highest rates seen classified, travel, telecommunications or media apps. Accengage CEO Jérôme Stioui elaborated adding, “industries with the highest opt-in rates include apps with strong brand notoriety, great quality of service, and transactional features or time sensitive information justifying the interest of being opt-in to receive push notifications.”
  • Android push notifications greatly outperform those of iOS in every single industry on reaction rate, i.e. the percentage of users who received a notification and clicked on it. 10% of the best performing push notification campaigns have an impressive 20% reaction rate or above on Android, versus 6% or above on iOS.
  • Reaction rates on Android are highest in FMCG, entertainment, banking, travel and real estate

After highlighting the findings, the infographic then lays out top tips in 8 principal areas:

  1. The Basics:  Make your push notifications stand out
  2. Format: Boost rates by 50% with their Android alert box rather than a classic banner
  3. A/B Testing:  Test multiple variations of your message
  4. Managing Pressure: Limit the number of messages sent, prioritizing the important ones
  5. Targeting:  Collect user data to create segments and sent relevant messages
  6. Interconnection:  Communicate across all channels by  connecting the mobile channel with your CRM Tool
  7. Personalization:  Boost reaction rates up to 4 times by personalizing notifications
  8. Automation:  Broadcast automated messages based on in-app behaviour and customer lifecycle

You can check out the barometer and get more details here.