Sentiance (formerly Argus Labs) raises $2 Million to roll-out its contextual platform worldwide

Sentiance (formerly Argus Labs) raises $2 Million to roll-out its contextual platform worldwide

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Belgium-based Argus Labs, who’s founder Filip Maertens was a speaker at our Connected Conference last year, just announced that they’ve raised $2 million and rebranded themselves Sentiance. The round was led by Qbic Arkiv Fund and joined by Volta Ventures and angel investors Michel Akkermans (Clear2Pay) and Will Margiloff (IgnitionOne)
Sentiance’s goal is to be a key player in the IoT ecosystem as it technology unlocks contextual mobile experiences by mining sensor data on smartphones, wearables and connected devices. Their first course of business with this new round of funding was to broaden its management team, adding Toon Vanparys as CEO and Frank Verbist as CTO, who both joined in October last year as early seed investors. In speaking about their nae change and next stage of their development, Vanparys adds:
“As we transition out of the ‘labs’ phase into a market-ready product, we decided to change the name to better reflect our mission statement from mobile data to smart life. We enable our clients to build intelligent and context aware mobile experiences, by bringing sentient capabilities to smart-phones and connected devices worldwide. Based on what we see in the market, the opportunities for mobile personalization and engagement in the era of smart-phones, wearables and IOT are simply huge, and we’re only at the beginning of this revolution”
They’ve already signed up their first clients in the mobility, insurance, healthcare and media sectors, which in conjunction with the experience and know-how of their new investors, plan to expand to new customers and markets.