OVH seeks to bring the cloud to the masses with hubiC cloud storage cards

OVH seeks to bring the cloud to the masses with hubiC cloud storage cards

Not limiting itself to businesses, OVH is looking to bring consumers directly into the OVH fold. The consumer cloud market, with everything from iCloud to Google’s Cloud platform, to services like Dropbox or Box, consumers are getting increasingly comfortable with storing their information in the cloud. However, OVH reckons that the active use of these services are still confined to more tech savvy consumers and wants to change all that with their hubiC prepaid cloud storage cards. Their goal is to ‘democratize the cloud’, ultimately making cloud services accessible to everyone.
In order to reach the general public, OVH  quietly launched a first test of hubiC this past fall in 126 Auchan stores. The prices of the cards range from 35 euros for 500GB over a period of one year to 69 euros for 2TB. There are also ongoing, monthly data storage plans they can subscribe to online.
OVH has stressed that this is step is still at the experimentation phase, presumably a first test before they expand it via other distribution channels. They hope that these types of cards will see the same level of popularity as, for example, iTunes cards which are widely used around the world. The first group that they’d look to target would be those frequently using USB keys and external hard disks and, as such, they’re sold in the same area as these items in-store.