Looking to rival Viadeo and LinkedIn, Amplement raises €1 million

Looking to rival Viadeo and LinkedIn, Amplement raises €1 million

Many professional social networks have come and gone, but LinkedIn continues to remain on top of the heap. However, Viadeo, arguably LinkedIn’s biggest rival, continues to hold their own, particularly in China where they are the market leader. Is there room for yet another professional network in the market that would be able to rival the two leaders?  Amplement seems to think so and just raised a first €1 million round from CityStar  to start them on the path to do just that.
Launched in 2013 by Adrien Sommier, Amplement has grown steadily to 500k users. Of course like LinkedIn, Amplement is not just a network to connect with other professionals, but also is a recruitment platform with 3k recruiters and 10k job offers already on their platfor. Unlike its main competitors, Amplement gives users the ability to manage their e-reputation, an increasingly important aspect of career management for professionals. 
The new investment will help them to, first, roll-out their new platform which will incorporate a new workspace for recruiters, real-time messaging, and a service to put users in touch with each other. On the rise in France, the fast-growing start-up ambitiously hopes to expand across Europe and rival LinkedIn on their home turf, the US.