Lima has shipped its first 100 units to backers

Lima has shipped its first 100 units to backers

Following a strong performance at CES, Lima has shipped 100 units to the Very Early Bird backers of its Kickstarter Campaign, the company announced on its blog. While the hardware has been ready for some time, the startup struggled on software development following decisions made as a result of the 12,000+ backers to their campaign. The product’s complexity works entirely behind the scenes – Lima essentially allows you to steal storage space from somewhere else – and thus it must be compatible with most operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux), and must do all the dirty work of making files available to you when you need them, without having them linger locally on your drive.
Hailed as a potential replacement to the commoditized Dropbox and Box (which is struggling in its 2015 IPO plans), Lima turns a local hard drive into your personal cloud, meaning no more monthly subscriptions. Of course, the magic is in the software, and these first 100 beta testers will be in charge of reporting bugs across multiple platforms.
Lima has seen a small community of unsatisfied backers spring up very vocally in the wake of their initial lack of communication, and while not all critics are pacified the product shipping, it seems that things are on the right track for the company.
Now the question remains: 15 months after people backed Lima, is it 1) the product they thought it would be, and 2) a product they still need?