Lift, Europe's landmark innovation event kicks-off on 4-6 February

Lift, Europe's landmark innovation event kicks-off on 4-6 February

Each February innovation and technology lovers from around the world descend on Geneva for Europe’s leading innovation conference, Lift. This year’s edition, Lift15, will undergo a shake-up from previous editions. Namely that a big theme for this year’s conference will be to ‘Jump out of the Conference room.’  As such, the cornerstone of Lift15 will be richer, more intimate breakouts that will be more tailored to participants’ needs and interests.
There are loads of intriguing workshops and masterclasses on the agenda, including such topics as ‘Crowdfunding Science’, ‘Wearable Noir’, ‘Investment in Emerging Markets, a Manageable Risk?’, ‘Bilan 50 startups @ Lift15’, ‘Hack Education’, and many more.
Another interesting development this year is a collaboration with the European Space Agency. In addition to having several of their top researchers, analysts, and project leaders joining the conference, the ESA will lead 3 workshops, including one dedicated to imagining the future with satellite technology.
Finally, what started as a grassroots effort to engage with the emerging world around entrepreneurship, has grown into a global entrepreneurship movement – Seedstars World. Seedstars World now runs 36 events for tech startups in a wide range of locations, including Baku, Hoh Chi Minh city, Amman and Accra. Seedstars World series of pitch events have arguably become some of the most high-impact tech events in world, bringing exposure to tech startups in locations that may have previously been overlooked by the broader tech community. They’ve deepened their partnership with Lift and this year will bring 36 entrepreneurs from emerging tech hubs around the world to pitch their startup at a grand final on the first day of Lift. The will then go on  at the grand final to win an equity investment of up to  $500k.  All the startup finalist will be on-hand throughout Lift where you can stop by their booths and check out their innovations.
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