CES: Parrot's eXom drone for professionals takes flight at CES

CES: Parrot's eXom drone for professionals takes flight at CES

CES had its fair share of drones this year.  While most tend to be more for amusement and fun purposes, Parrot showed-off their new drone which takes a different take. The eXom, a drone for professionals launched by Parrot’s senseFLY division which helps users ensure their infrastructure is in good shape.
eXom was developed for inspection and up close, detailed mapping.  So, for example, examining pipelines, hydroelectric dams, or bridges for cracks. While consumer drones, robots and the like often get most of the attention from the marketplace, industrial applications are likely where the business case for drone technology is likely to be the most sound.
The eXom has various features that will, perhaps, make it the ‘serious’ drone civil engineers and others working with industrial applications have been hoping for including a sensor head with a gyroscope so it remains level and stabilized, five ultrasonic sensors which keep the drone from running into things, an ability to record “ultra high-resolution” stills, LED lighting, HD video and thermal data.
eXom is yet another innovation released by Parrot which, rightfully, gained the attention and accolades of the media, buyers, potential users and others.  Here’s a look at the senseFLY eXom drone in-flight: