Agorize brings together top tech talent at Connected Challenge and Hack4Europe

Agorize brings together top tech talent at Connected Challenge and Hack4Europe

Agorize is one of the leaders in Europe in connecting tech saavy students, startups, enterpreneurs, and corporates to drive crowdsourced innovation. Starting off the New Year, they have two big initiatives underway:
The Hack4Europe contest is a European Hackathon, involving all the top European digital players, which will enable international corporations, Europe’s most innovative startups and the best IT profiles to connect with each other. The contest is a great way for European startups to access top developer talent, have new applications developed on their data, collaborate with other startups and big companies, and get the word out about their products and services to large companies, investors and the media.
The event will include – 114 teams, 272 developers, 300 joining the award ceremony and communication to more than 50 media outlets.
agorize 2The way it works is the European startups can register and submit their APIs online. The best 25 start-ups will be selected and hundreds of hackers will be invited to prototype apps using the selected startups’ APIs. The 10 most innovative projects will then be selected to take part in the final presentation.
If you’d like to sign-up your startup to participate, you have until 15 February. You can apply to participate here (in English) and here (in French).
Connected Challenge – Internet of Things Hackathon & Demoday
The Connected Challenge is an online hackathon brings together all key players in the IoT ecosystem : larges companies, startups and developers. Agorize has teamed up with developer school 42 and Stackoverflow careers to create the first online connected objects hackathon. As with their other events, the Challenge seeks to connect the most innovative startups with digital leaders and the best IT profiles.  Other partners for the event include Digitas LBi, PayPal and canal tp.
Winners can walk away with up to 20k euros in prizes.
The Challenge kicked-off last month and will have its first Demoday at 42 on 15 January, which will give the participants a first round of feedback from the participating startups and experts from larger companies. From there, teams will the 5 most innovative applications will be selected, with awards being handed out on 5 March.
Several top startup APIs are a part of the Challenge including Deezer, Pebble, Withings, Myfox, Cityzen Data and more.
If you’d like to join the Demoday, you can sign-up here