And here are the 5 amazing products launched on stage during Paris Founders Event!

And here are the 5 amazing products launched on stage during Paris Founders Event!

PFE - January 2015
Last Monday, in front of 500+ attendees: investors, journalists, entrepreneurs ans startup lovers, 6 awesome startups launched on the stage of LePalais Brongniart. If you couldn’t make it out to this week’s Paris Founders Event, here’s the six rising stars that appeared:
3D Sound Labs debuted Neoh, the first smart 3D audio headphones. Neoh integrates spatial sound rendering, making the most immersive sound experience in history. These headphones are, perhaps, the first true wearable home cinema. They use motion sensors that deliver multipoint sound sources comparable to the latest generation of movie theater surround sound or the most sophisticated home theater equipment on the market. With its 360° sound technology, 3D Sound Labs have successfully brought a real, theatrical sound experience to 3D audio headphones.
Glose is a reading platform that allows readers to discover, purchase, read, and engage with ebooks through shared annotations. Their mission is to connect readers and create communities of people who share ideas, stories, emotion, and knowledge through the books they read. The team works direclty with publishers : they distribute 300,000 ebooks from the world’s top publishers in the US, Europe and more. They also work with authors, allowing them to engage directly with their readers through the books they write.
Glose also works with readers : on Glose you can collect your favorite highlights, and share your thoughts with other readers
Beyond books, Glose is about knowledge : Glose works with schools and universities to create interesting conversations through books and educational content.

The multiplication of media channel diffusion coupled with the increase in competition obligates brands , media and creative industries more generally to produce quality content at a faster rate than ever before. To fully respond to this issue Gregory Nicolaidis created, a first-of-its-kind content production platform.
Contrary to the classic agency structure, their crowd-sourcing model is based around access to their qualified community of 20.000 international writers and other types of talent (copywriters, journalists, scriptwriters, poets slammers, storytellers) and helps their clients produce highly creative and SEO friendly content faster than ever. This 1,5 billion dollar estimated market is fast growing with content marketing being identified as the number one issue of marketers in 2015.

Apparel Paris is the very first app that dresses you and makes the most of your appearance with your own clothes. It is at the same time a fashion advisor, a personal shopper and a social tool. The mobile app revolutionizes the daily life of its users. It creates instantaneously outfits based on their closet and in function of their body shape and skin color. The algorithm, created from an analysis of fashion rules and consumers’ behaviors, has been designed in order to be as flexible and innovative as possible while taking into account the tastes and the desires of each person.
The app is free. It’s set to be released on the AppStore between the 2nd and 9th of February 2015 in France and on March 2015 in the United States, Canada and across several European countries.
PopChef is a mobile app that provides hand crafted meals delivered to your door in 15 minutes for less than 10 euros. PopChef intends to create the fastest and easiest food delivery in the country. In short, they are the Uber for food available in Paris.
Feeling hungry? Just whip out your smartphone, click on the meal of the day, scan your credit card, and Pop! You can see your driver arriving right on your screen with an estimated time of arrival. 15 minutes later, you’re eating a delicious healthy meal, created by a chef that same morning.
Aircall makes phone support easy. Aircall lets businesses get local phone numbers in 40 countries, and forward calls across team members, wherever they are. Absolutely no hardware is required as calls are received and made on people’s existing smartphones or PCs.
Teammates can follow-up on calls as a team using Aircall’s Apps and return calls using any phone number of the company. Aircall not only adapts perfectly to online businesses like e-commerce or startups, but also to companies running international operations with scattered teams.
Speaker PFE 2015
During the Paris Founder’s Event, we also had the pleasure to welcome on stage a host of remarkable speakers : Jean-Louis Missika (Deputy Mayor of Paris), Florian Douetteau ( Dataiku Founder), Ilan Abehassera (Insensi Co-Founder), Timothée Jobert (iSketchnote Co-Founder) and Alex Winter (Placemeter Founder).
The presentations were followed by netowrking where our official Sponsor, Orange & Orange Fab France, showcased their in-house Startups and Le Fab Shop, and Mailjet showcased their products.
The next edition will take place in April and the tickets are already on sale: get ready to discover France’s Next Big Thing!