Paris Founders Event alums ‘Where are they Now’: Phonotonic

Paris Founders Event alums ‘Where are they Now’:  Phonotonic


At our spring Paris Founders Event (PFE), Phontonic (incubated by Agoranov) launched Music Battle, a unique and playful connected gaming experience based on music. The way it works is that one connected object, a ball, gives rhythm and the other, the second ball, is the lead. Both balls are connected via an app.  You can read more about how it works and check-out their PFE launch here.

I caught up with Phonotonic’s CEO Nicolas Rasamimamana,  to find out how things have been advancing since their big launch at the Paris Founders Event:


V1What happened to Phonotonic following your pitch at PFE earlier this yr?

Following the PFE, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter. Although we did not reach our financial goal, we did reach our main goals thanks to our great press coverage: communication and market awareness.  It also helped us reach many other key contacts, including our current partners and retailers.

Our former product Interactive Music Battle was redesigned by Xavier Houy, based on an Alix Paoli creation, and renamed Phonotonic.
We launched our product in stores and on our website on Dec 1st.

Phonotonic is now on sale in several retailers, including LICK and CITADIUM, and through our website (Note that we are already out of stock on orders via our website).

How did the PFE help you?

We had an incredible boost of visibility and awareness thanks to PFE.  Today, I still meet a lot of people saying they saw me pitching at Google, it is amazing!

What is Phonotonic up to at the moment? Any big projects you’re working? New news to share?

Our main news at the moment is our product launch in stores in France.  But we are also going to CES Las Vegas in 2015, we are part of the French Delegation, selected by UbiFrance and FrenchTech. We hope to meet our future partners to develop and retail Phonotonic abroad.


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