Ifeelgoods launches the first rewards fulfillment API enabling on-demand e-gifting

Ifeelgoods launches the first rewards fulfillment API enabling on-demand e-gifting

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The leader in digital distribution of branded rewards, Ifeelgoods, has just launched a new rewards fulfillment API which is the first to automate and streamline the process of e-gifting. From now, brands can drive acquisition, engagement a and retention through seamlessly deliver users on-demand their choice of rewards  from Ifeelgoods’ catalog of 100,000+ downloadable gifts covering a wide-range of categories, including music, movies, e-books, games, egift cards and more.

Covering 30+ countries, their gift catalog is apparently the most extensive and high-value in the world, including popular brands with consumers such as Google, Apple and Amazon. Ifeelgoods’ e-gift pricepoints broadly range from $.99 to $2k, ensuring that they can provide tailored solutions for marketers regardless of their level of desired customer engagement.

Already, the Ifeelgoods story has been a successful one as they’ve reached over 30+ million of secure rewards deliveries worldwide.  Their new API will help step their growth even more, offering innovative technology which enables customizable rewards delivery options, multiple rewards choices, inventory management, security measures and a pay per redemption model.

Speaking about their big API launch, their CTO Dali Kilani adds:  “Ifeelgoods’ rewards fulfillment API unlocks & scales the use of rewards & incentives worldwide by removing all the pain points of e-gifting. We took a developer-centric approach for building this API, enabling partners, such as Jump Ramp Games, to deliver value to their customers quickly while still leveraging the extensive feature set of our Platform”.