Amaury partners with Paris Region Lab to launch France’s first press incubator

Amaury partners with Paris Region Lab to launch France’s first press incubator


Amaury, known for their news publications such as L’Equipe and Le Parisien, just launched the first accelerator in France dedicated to the press industry. The accelerator, dubbed Amaury Lab was developed in conjunction with the Paris region and has a double objective:  first to accelerate fast-growing startups and facilitate collaboration and opportunities for co-development between these start-ups and Amaury.  Each intake class will have a theme, with the first being “Connected Information”, oriented around three main subjects:

  • Big Data: e.g. algos & recommendation engines which enable monetization of content
  • Digital Experience:  e.g. creating new user experiences which drive better audience engagement around ideas (such as gamification, etc)
  • Connected Objects:  e.g. new content adapted to the connected ecosystem

Any startup less five years old that is innovating products and services around the theme of “Connected Information” can apply. Selected startups will be incubated within their program for 12 months and will receive ‘standard perks’ offered by incubators/accelerators (i.e. office space, mentor advice, advice around access to funding and business operations, training, etc).  As Amaury Lab is a joint-venture with the Paris Region, start-ups may also have access to Paris Innovation Amorçage financing (an initiative of Paris and BPIFrance) which provides a grant up to 30K€ plus a loan 100K€ or 500K€ (depending on stage of development of the company) at 0% interest.

Interested candidates should apply here by 8 January.