Paris Coders Night – coming to you November 28th at Deezer HQ

Paris Coders Night – coming to you November 28th at Deezer HQ


I’m very excited to announce that the Paris Coders Night will be taking place on November 28th at Deezer HQ. The event is open to Coders & friends, and is all about showing off just how awesome Coders are. The event will be centered around the Paris Coders competition (formerly organized under the name Code in the Dark), which will see Coders compete head-to-head to see who is the best Coder. In addition, non-competing participants will be encouraged to watch & vote at the end of each round, and there will be food, drinks & music playing all night, along with some surprise festivities.

The Competition rules are quite simple – coders are given a screenshot of a homepage that they must recode in 15 minutes using HTML5 & CSS. The only rule: you can’t preview the code in the browser. At the end of each round, all Coders will open their code in the browser, and audience members will vote on the winner. At the end, the Winner will be voted King (or Queen) of Code.

Paris Coders Night is a social event – a great team-building exercise, a great way to support your friends, and a great way for companies to show off just how good their coders are. Winners will receive awesome prizes from our sponsors, including PayPal, Mobiskill & Deezer (reach out to us here if you’d like to sponsor this upcoming edition), and the best part is: win or lose, everyone has a great time.