With 2,000+ recurring events, Meetup is seeing strong growth in France



Within the startup community, Meetup has been a central hub for most every meetup group – Paris Tech Talks, meetups for Ruby, Python, JS, and many more – however, it seems that Paris’ international community has taken to Meetup as well, as Meetup has told Rude Baguette that they recently crossed their 2,000th meetup in France.

There are many examples of great meetups in France – the oldest, Internationals In Paris, counts well over 10,000 members, while Growth Hacking Paris, one of 120 growth hacking meetups, is the largest growth hacking meetup in the world. In order to meet the increasing demand (which is outpacing meetups overall growth), Meetup has launched a French twitter handle, @MeetupFR, and will be providing extra support in French for the French Meetup users.

Meetup isn’t just popular in Paris – this week the French Government announced it would provide the “French Tech” label to 9 cities across France, including Lyon & Toulouse – all of which have their own tech Meetups going on every month.

As Meetup looks to continue growth, it will be focusing on key European markets like UK, Germany & France, as well improving the product to meet the needs of organizers and attendees.