DigiWorld Summit kicks-off tomorrow in the midst of the first DigiworldWeek

DigiWorld Summit kicks-off tomorrow in the midst of the first DigiworldWeek


The DigiWorld Summit, organized by IDATE; is perhaps one of the most longstanding conference events in tech. Tomorrow IDATE will kick-off in Montpellier the 36th edition of the Summit, in the midst of the first DigiworldWeek. The theme of this year’s summit is “Mobility Reloaded:  We ain’t seen nothing yet!” which will address perhaps the biggest enigmas of the mobile revolution.  Namely that while mobile devices and mobility more broadly are becoming ubiquitous around the world and companies across all sectors are putting mobility at the center of their growth strategies, many actors in the mobile industry are struggling to identify a tenable business models for the long-term. This is a particularly pertinent challenge for telcos in Europe for example.  Thus, at this year’s edition there will be various plenaries around topics addressing the biggest opportunities and challenges posed by and increasingly mobility-centered world as well as executive seminars tackling specific topic areas, including Future Networks, TV Everywhere, and Smart city & mobile living.

This year IDATE have also expanded their event by partnering with La French Tech as well as other key actors from the region to launch DigiworldWeek. With the Summit at the center of the week, there will also be several other smaller tech events on offer during the week including the Game Summit; Workshops around digital and security, energy and sports; the Connected Things Forum; and the Medialab Session.

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