Awox to host Connected Hardware Hackathon in Montpelier

Awox to host Connected Hardware Hackathon in Montpelier


Software hackathons may be getting a bit outdated, but hacking on Connected Hardware still offers endless possibilities. This weekend in Montpelier, the City of Montpelier is teaming up with AwoX to organize a Connected Hardware Hackathon at Epitech Monteplier, where participants will have 2 days to hack on the Awox StriimLight Wi-Fi Couleur, Orange’s LeBloc, the Intel Edison developer kit, an Oculus Rift V2, a Leap Motion, a Sphero, some Arduino kits a drone & more (participants are also invited to bring their own connected objects, computers, FabLab kits, sensors, etc.).

The Hackathon is a great opportunity for Awox, who IPO’d on the Euronext earlier this year, to build up its presence as a platform in the connected hardware space, as well as a great opportunity for the city of Montpelier, home to several connected hardware companies, to distinguish itself as a welcoming home for IoT companies. Montpelier is one of many cities currently in the application process to receive the “FrenchTech” label – a label from the Federal government which opens up grants for innovation, and indicates that the city has taken a certain number of measures to become a tech-friendly city – other cities currently applying include Grenbole, Lille, Lyon & Nantes, all of which have carved out their own sub-brand of FrenchTech activity.

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