Rude List launches into Public Beta – France’s Startup scene at your fingertips

Rude List launches into Public Beta – France’s Startup scene at your fingertips


Yesterday night in front of the sold out Paris Founders Event, I sat down following 5 Amazing Demo’s and announced that Rude List – France’s Startup Database – was launching into public beta. Starting today, users can sign up, create their own profile, suggest new companies and claim their company’s profile in order to manage the info it contains.

To start, we’re giving user’s the ability to modify basic information – the logo (their profile photo), their bio, their social networks, etc. – and over the next few weeks, we’ll be making it easier for you to let us know about the funds you’ve raised, the products your building, and even milestone achievements.

As we continue to work on Rude List, we are focused on two key goals:

  1. Our journalists are the first users of Rude List: everything we learn goes into Rude List, and everything you want to tell our journalists can be done efficiently via Rude List
  2. Rude List is up to date, today: We are focused on making sure that Rude List stays accurate (in a scalable way), which is why we don’t moderate any submissions; however, only current team members of a company and authorized individuals will be able to submit updates about their startups, and only startups that have been written about on Rude Baguette will appear publicly on Rude List.

If you’ve got feedback on the product, I’m personally here to listen. If you have ideas for how Rude List could make your life easier – whether you’re a journalist, a VC, a PR consultant, a developer, a startup CEO or otherwise – I’m here to listen.