Gutenberg Technology scoops up e-learning and e-health specialist, Digeetis

Gutenberg Technology scoops up e-learning and e-health specialist, Digeetis


SaaS e-education and e-learning leader Gutenberg Technology announced the purchase of e-learning and e-health specialist Digeetis for an undisclosed sum. This acquisition comes on the heels of their closing a €5 million round  late last year.

Wilth ePUB3 becoming the global standard for digital books, Gutenberg Technology anticipates that the open-source technology Readium will become the global standard for e-readers within the next 2 – 3 years. Acquiring Digeetis, who also have strong expertise in Readium due to their development of a white label solution for the Readium Foundation, will give Gutenberg Technology the necessary know-how to further solidify their leadership in this growing space.

The acquisition will also give Gutenberg a stronger footing in anglophone markets as Digeetis are gearing up to launch an application for the well-known ‘Dummies’ series in the UK, the US and other anglophone markets. The ‘Dummies’ series is owned by American publisher Wiley is also available via an iOS.

Speaking about their acquisition, Digeetis president Mathieu Caudron adds “Our purchase by Gutenberg Technology, who’s present in both the US and Europe, offers us new opportunities for growth. Gutenberg Technology maintains regular relations with Wiley’s teams. In addition, the applications we’ve developed in medical field are complementary to the offer that already exists at Gutenberg Technology and will allow us to respond exactly to the explosive demand for e-learning tools which is only going to increase in the coming months and years.”