France Digitale Day #2 will be ‘Talkin’ about a revolution’ on June 11th

France Digitale Day #2 will be ‘Talkin’ about a revolution’ on June 11th


Last year, France Digitale demonstrated yet again their ability to mobilize and inspire France’s tech ecosystem with their hugely successful first France Digitale Day, which welcomed over 800 participants and pretty much every key mover and shaker in France’s tech ecosystem. This year’s edition, #FDD2, looks to be even more ambitious, with over 1000 attendees, a broad range of speakers from every part of the ecosystem (from entrepreneurs to investors to politicians, etc), 14 delegations from across France, and an even stronger international presence.

This year’s conference will kick off with the Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, Axelle Lemaire who, presumably will have quite a bit of insight to share on the state of play on digital in France and beyond and where things are heading. Next up will be France Digitale presidents Marie Ekeland and Olivier Mathiot who will be ‘Talkin’ about a revolution.’ From there, there will be various sessions throughout the day that will speak directly to startup founders and other passionate members of the tech community in particular including:

  • Grasping the Socio-Economic Impact of Startups in France
  • The Multiplying Effect of Success
  • The Secret to Building Unicorns
  • The World is Mine
  • What are the Best Tech Ecosystems in the World?
  • La French Touch?
  • and many more…

To close out the day, France’s biggest success story and inspiration as of late for many in the ecosystem, Criteo CEO Jean-Baptiste Rudelle will give the closing keynote aptly titled ‘The Sky’s the Limit.’

While the talks are really high-quality, the networking opportunities alone make it well worth going, so you can get your ticket here if you’re planning on attending.