Axelle Lemaire speaks on France’s investment in the Internet of Things

Axelle Lemaire speaks on France’s investment in the Internet of Things


With the Connected Conference coming up in June, we’re excited to announce that Axelle Lemaire will be among the 50 speakers at the Connected Conference, speaking at noon on June 19th.

When we first set out to create the Connected Conference, we decided that we would not give any preferential treatment to speakers based in France, because we wanted this conference to be truly international. When Axelle Lemaire took office earlier this year as Deputy Minister for Digital Affairs, we met and spoke about France’s interest in the Internet of Things.

Axelle convinced me that the French government sees the potential in investing into the Internet of Things economy early, and she will be speaking on this topic at the conference.

What we know today is that Arnaud Montebourg outlined in his plan “La Nouvelle France Industrielle” opportunities to take France’s existing industrial sector infrastructure, and leverage it by facilitating a transition into the new Internet of Things economy.

In order to get an idea of what’s happening in the Connected Hardware space, Axelle Lemaire will spend the morning of the 19th meeting with exhibitors, speakers, press & attendees before her speech at noon. If you’re looking to build a connected hardware startup in France, or bring your connected hardware innovation to the French market, she is going to want to meet you.

The first edition of the Connected Conference includes speakers from Apple, Samsung, Indiegogo, Parrot, Netatmo, PayPal, FNAC, Orange & much, much more. Check our the full program online today and grab your ticket today 35% off using the discount code LaFRENCHTECH