TVTY raises $4.5 Million to bridge TV & Digital Ads

TVTY raises $4.5 Million to bridge TV & Digital Ads


Following their performance at MIPCube earlier this year, TVTY has attracted Partech Ventures, 360 Capital Partners and a group of business angels to make a $4.5 Million investment in the adtech startup, which is oriented at triggering digital Ads in correlation with TV content. The startup is already working with the likes of Microsoft, Renault & Nivea, and is synced into the larger AdTech ecosystem, including Teads, Appnexus & Adap.TV.

ADTech is hot in France – eBuzzing & Teads, Criteo’s numerous acquisitions (one, two, three in the past 12 months), etc. – and TVTY is bridging some technologies that we’re already seeing work well on the web with the format that is seeing the lion’s share of the advertising dollars.

Concretely, TVTY’s technology allows advertisers to tailor their web advertising based on real-time changes to television content. For example, during the World Cup, TVTY enables advertises to customize & trigger their ad content based on goals from certain players, customized based on the outcome.

Following their conquering of the MIPCube startup competition, we interviewed co-founder Eliott Reilhac about their plans for TVTY in the US Market:

“There is the technical and human challenge. There are a lot of TV networks there. The US is like several countries in one. This results in all these regional ads which means that one TV network could become in our system 10-20 TV networks, because, in fact, I need to monitor each and every format in order to know what ads are airing regionally.”

TVTY already raised their seed round with Partech Ventures, as well.