France’s 1st FrenchTech Festival includes 14 Conferences throughout June

France’s 1st FrenchTech Festival includes 14 Conferences throughout June


June will be a hot month for Paris – and I’m not just talking about the weather – France’s startup initiative LaFrenchTech has released information[fr] about the first “FrenchTech Festival” taking place all throughout the month of June, including 14 conferences across France, including Paris, Nantes, & Strasbourg.

The festival includes iconic French conferences like Nantes’ Web2Day, France Digital Day, the 10-day digital festival Futur en Seine, and, of course, Rude Baguette’s own Connected Conference, taking place on June 18th-19th. The French Tech festival wraps up in New York for the French Touch Conference, a conference dedicated to connecting the French startup community with New York City.

While not everyone will be able to attend all of these events (the total cost to attend would be north of 2000€), it would be a mistake to mis out on all of them – personally, I’ll be at Web2Day, France Digital Day, Futur En Seine, the Connected Conference, Maker Faire France, the French Touch Conference, and a few more if I can squeeze them in.

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