[INFOGRAPHIC] ISAI turns 4 Years old – how are they doing so far?

[INFOGRAPHIC] ISAI turns 4 Years old – how are they doing so far?

This evening Paris VC firm ISAI will host its 4th Anniversary party. The VC firm, initially founded by a group of successful French entrepreneurs including Appsfire’s Ouriel Ohayon & PriceMinister’s PKM, has grown its portfolio to 10 companies, 5 of which have gone on to raise a follow-on round.

We dug into our Rude List figures and pulled out some interesting stats on ISAI’s activity, which we’ve put together in the infographic below. We’ve organized investments chronologically by amount, and you can see that ISAI invests in rounds that float around 1-1.5 Million euros, though they’ve gone as low as 650,000 and as high as 1.6 Million with Shopmium.

While there have been no exits so far (that’s normal), a portfolio with 50% follow-on investments is great, and Blablacar may very well reimburse LPs and then some down the road.