Infographic: The Growth of Car-Sharing in France

Infographic: The Growth of Car-Sharing in France

In honor of OuiShare Fest and Drivy’s recent €6 Million fundraising, Rude Baguette took a dive into Rude List to look at how Car-Sharing has grown in the past 18 months in Paris.

The key takeaway here is growth. Everyone is growing – members, cars – and, while it appears that Drivy is ahead (we don’t have up-to-date information on BuzzCar, but looking at their rate of growth gives us an idea), it’s clearly anyone’s game.

My prediction: expect more M&A. Either these services will continue to fusion (though the amount of money invested into them makes that less likely), or big players will start buying them. EuropCar, SNCF, or even Eurolines – Car-Sharing is growing, and everyone’s a winner.